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Gambling Addiction Treatment Centre Dhaka

What is Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction, often hidden and unrecognized, is a unique beast that encapsulates the mind in a dangerous web of incessant need and desire. It’s not simply engaging occasionally in a recreational game, it’s more about an uncontrollable obsession. This crushing creed compels the gambler to persistently risk substantial amounts of money, time and their mental health irrespective of devastating repercussions.



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What is the most common treatment for gambling addiction in Bangladesh?

The most widespread treatment for gambling addiction combines cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with medications. CBT is a very active approach that challenges and changes unhelpful behaviors, improves emotional regulation, and develops personal coping strategies targeting the issue at hand. It aims to deconstruct the unhealthy habits built around gambling by firstly acknowledging their presence and then systematically breaking them down.

Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

The symptoms of gambling addiction can vary, but they generally include:

  • Constantly thinking about past gambling experiences or planning the next gambling session.
  • Loss of Control
  • Increasingly Risky Behavior
  • Becoming easily irritated or restless when attempting to cut down or stop gambling.
  • Using gambling as a way to escape from problems or relieve feelings of helplessness, guilt, anxiety, or depression.
  • Experiencing financial problems such as debt, unpaid bills, or borrowing money to fund gambling activities
  • Neglecting responsibilities at work, school, or home due to gambling activities.
  • Continuously gambling in an attempt to win back money that has been lost.

How gambling affect the brain?

Gambling can significantly influence the mental state of people. It triggers an exhilarating rush of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Recent research indicates that this influx is akin to those resulting from drugs, making gambling a source of addictive behavior. The thrill releases intense excitement, leading to decreased inhibition and heightened risk-taking.

Moreover, chronic gambling can rewire certain neural circuits similar to drug addiction- a phenomenon brought forth in neuroimaging studies. This rewiring leads to compulsive gambling wherein despite negative consequences and a desire to quit, the affected individuals find themselves trapped by their own brains.

Gambling addiction treatment centre in dhaka

Why Choose Porichorja  Rehab Centre in Dhaka for Gambling Addiction Treatment

At Porichorja Rehab Center, we specialize in providing structured and comprehensive Gambling Addiction Treatment. We adopt evidence-based practices like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) delivered by licensed therapists who understand that breaking free from the chains of addiction is not a mere cold turkey transition but an overall transformation.

Our multi-disciplinary team brings together a cadre of professional psychologists, therapists and counselors, all deeply committed to helping you regain control over your life. Our deeply experienced therapists adopt an integrated approach to treatment by addressing underlying triggers such as anxiety or depression often tied up with a gambling disorder.

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