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Swapon Islam Mazid

Managing Director

Over the span of several centuries, medical technology has advanced significantly. According to studies, the evolution of modern technology has occurred more rapidly in the last 10 to twenty years than in the previous thousand. Before recorded history, humans learnt to heal themselves using only natural ingredients. Massive economic developments are occurring concurrently with the tremendous pace of urbanization in the planet we now inhabit. Those who have more work opportunities at home and abroad are more invested in their careers. This makes it challenging for families to provide care for a loved one who is sick, disabled, or otherwise unable to care for themselves.

Here at Priyojon, we provide skilled and Government recognized caregivers, nurses, and medical aid to ensure a happy and healthy home life for you and your loved ones. In order to achieve this goal, we provide medical aid, nursing staff, and caregivers who have all been thoroughly vetted and are certified by the government. Over the last nine years, Priyojon has earned the trust of consumers in a wide range of countries because of their dedication to maintaining high quality and safety standards. So naturally, they have very high levels of contentment. When it comes to patient care, we are dedicated to upholding only the finest standards possible.

Currently we are working to build digital systems where patients can be taken care of by our healthcare assistance integrated system with advanced features. We strongly believe in the modernization & upgradation with advancement of the fourth industrial revolution. We expect to ensure a healthy life for everyone’s nearer lovable persons through amicable services.

Masuma Akhter


Many people believe that the caregivers are the contemporary heroes. The COVID-19 epidemic has increased the need for caregivers. Seniors increasingly choose in-home care. In these unusual times, caregivers are saving the day. We believe everyone should know what they do and why. Older persons with serious diagnoses or mental and physical problems will have numerous emotions. Caregivers discuss these sentiments with patients. patient-caregiver one-on-one time boosts mental health. Companionship and empathy boost our patient’s life.

Caregivers explain their patients’ requirements to doctors and relatives. Older folks may struggle to convey their feelings. Seniors may minimize problems to reassure themselves. Caregivers visit their patients daily and report little changes to family and medical experts. Honesty improves patient care and wellbeing.

Priyojon, a well established name in the caregiving sector, has been providing top-notch caregiving, baby sitters, nursing services for a long time & continuously we are expanding our operations among 18 cities in Bangladesh. We are highly trusted because of our quality of service attended by well-trained caregivers who are trained from our own training center. We also employ only Government certified caregivers to ensure the best services.

We are gradually upgrading our services as per the expanding market demand & necessities. Our company has been partnered as well as collaborated with prestigious stakeholders, Government, Private organizations to bring the most possible outcome with a view to getting the top-class operational excellences.


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